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Winter gadgets Productpine

Winter is coming. As we are firm believers of ‘prevention is better than cure’, we’ve listed five products to help you get through the coldest season of the year.


On average, we spend 80% of our time indoors. Yet the indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than the outside air. Thanks to the CO2-sensor in the Netatmo Smart Weather Station, you will receive a notification when your house needs to be vented. Follow real-time information and receive weather forecasts for your specific residential area. With its compact and robust design, this weather station will look great in any house.


In wintertime, we tend to keep our windows and doors shut while we turn on the radiator. However, this has adverse consequences for the quality of your indoor air. Dry air can cause headaches, dry eyes and skin, fatigue or other complaints. With the Duux Tag, your indoor air humidity always remains at a healthy level. Add Duux aroma-therapy to give the mist a pleasant scent, that also has a relaxing effect and can relieve you of your cold.


Winter is kicked off by the shortest day of the year, however, winter days can be enormously long. With the Solgaard Lifepack you are prepared for anything: the Solarbank provides you with an average of 4 full phone charges with only 4 hours of sunlight, the Boombox lets you play your favorite music where-ever and whenever, lastly the water- & fall-resistant bottom prevents damage to everything in your bag. In addition, the Lifepack has an anti-theft lock, 4 secret passport / card compartments and an integrated USB for easy and quick charging.


For many, winter time causes problems in sleep rhythm. Somnox and Auping have joined forces to put an end to this once and for all - without using medication. The Somnox Sleeping Robot uses intelligent algorithms and relaxation techniques to not only get you to sleep faster, but also deeper and longer.


Winter is the season to leave the garden for what it is. With the Click & Grow Smart Garden you can grow vegetables, fruit or other plants of your choice - indoors and fully automated. Click in the cups, fill up the water depot and start growing!

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