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DIY LARQ Disinfection Box

The LARQ company has been experimenting and has tested several ways to use its PureVis™ UV-C technology to sanitize household objects. They have developed a step-by-step guide to creating your own disinfection box using your LARQ bottle and a few items you most likely already have around the house. This will save you a lot of single-use disinfecting wipes and paper towels and it is a fun do-it-yourself project to spend your free time on! We will share their guide and hopefully inspire some of our customers. 

How it works
The scientifically proven power of LARQ's UV-C LED technology is effective against bacteria and viruses when in adventure mode. This is a 3-minute cleaning cycle which is activated by double-tapping on the button. UV-C light eradicates bacteria and viruses when it ranges between 200 and 280nm. LARQ's technology operates at the optimal 280nm wavelength and thus effectively removes bio-contaminants from your phone, computer mouse or remote control. This DIY works best with two LARQ bottle caps, but one cap is also possible. Items with a flat or curved uniform surface are the easiest to clean.

Misinformation about UV technology
A lot of misinformation exists surrounding the effect of UV technology on bacteria and viruses. Devices like UV wands are not very effective because they require certain conditions to work. UV-C is most effective when the distance between the light and the object is controlled and the duration of sterilization is controlled. This is why LARQ has cooked up the disinfection box.

Before you start

  • Ensure that you remove as much lint and dirt as possible from the objects you are planning to clean
  • Sanitize all the objects you need to build the box
  • Sanitize your work surface
  • Avoid direct contact from the UV-light with skin and eyes
  • Be careful when handling sharp objects

What you will need

  • A LARQ box or a similar cardboard box (close to 28 x 10 x 10 cm)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Tape
  • Box cutter
  • Rules
  • Marker
  • Protective gloves

Do-it-yourself 7 steps

1. Measure 10 cm from left to right on the box and repeat on the right side.

2. Outline 2 circles where the bottle caps will be placed against a side of the box and make sure they are drawn on the same side of the box.

3. Carefully cut out the circular outlines with a box cutter or scissors. 

4. Use tape to line the inside of the box with aluminum foil, leaving openings for the holes where the bottle caps will go.

5. Affix the bottle caps into the holes you cut out.

6. You are ready to toss in a set of car keys or a face mask into the box and activate the PureVis™ technology by pushing the button. 

Double-click the button to activate the adventure mode for maximum efficacy. 

7. After the cycle, flip the object over and repeat it.

Have fun with this little project. Together we fight bacteria and viruses in a fun way!

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