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Explore space like never before, with Stellina the smart telescope

The soft whispers of comets, the acidic colors of nebulae, the silkiness of the Milky Way. Outer space is fascinating for all of us. Unfortunately, discovering space is not as easy as we would like sometimes. Vaonis decided its time to change this, and they did. With their smart telescope Stellina.

Vaonis Stellina

A smart telescope would of course be nothing without an app. The Stellinapp (iOS & Android) shows you an overview with hundreds of suggestions of interesting space locations. Start your journey with only 1 click. Jump from galaxy to planet and from nebulae to clusters, whenever you want – wherever you want.

The Stellina manages to shoot incredibly sharp photos thanks to the combination of an extremely high sensitive Sony-sensor (unit pixel of 2,4 µm and 14 bit ADC) – which ensures a high resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range – combined with the use of ‘stacking technology’. The latter means that a new photo is taken every few seconds, making the image sharper and sharper as you look at it.

The weight and size makes this telescope even more practical. It can be unscrewed from the tripod, it weighs about 11 kg and is small in size, which lets you take the Stellina anywhere you want. The included battery lets you stargaze for around 5 hours. Because the battery is replaceable, the battery-life is easily extendable.

Visit our experience center in Amsterdam to experience the Stellina in real life!

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