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Sleep better and longer with the Somnox Sleep Robot

According to the CBS, at least 20% of Dutch people suffer from sleeping problems. Four students from Delft with a fascination for soft robotics decided to create a solution for this. Within four days, they raised a hundred thousand euros with their idea: a sleep robot that uses relaxation techniques to make you fall asleep faster, deeper and wake up refreshed. That was a few years ago, in the meantime the robot has been on the market for quite some time and for thousands of customers it has become their daily sleeping companion, but what does it do exactly?

The science behind the product is fairly straight-forward; our breathing is a source of relaxation, if we adopt the right breathing rhythm. We breathe all the time, without actually thinking about it. It is therefore very difficult to consciously adopt the best rhythm. But, let that be exactly what the Somnox helps you with.

The Somnox simulates a breathing rhythm that is most suitable for falling asleep. By holding the cuddly robot against you, you will unknowingly conform to this rhythm. As soon as you fall asleep the rhythm slows down, which will stimulate a deeper state of sleep. Even the cuddly posture in which you hold the robot has been thought through, cuddling has a calming effect and creates a feeling of safety and relaxation.

In addition to breathing and posture, sounds and music also have a major influence on our state of mind. A quiet background noise can easily distract you from the stress. The Somnox has a large library of relaxing sounds such as rain, heartbeat or "white noise" and offers you the possibility to upload sounds yourself. As soon as the user falls asleep, the Somnox notices and the sounds will stop automatically. Through the free downloadable app (iOS & Android) you can set the breathing rhythm, the sounds you want to hear, create playlists, play podcasts or audiobooks and more.

The Somnox Sleep Robot was created in collaboration with the experienced bed manufacturer Auping. The two companies support each other in terms of technology, product development and production and distribution. For example, Auping is responsible for the soft sleeve of the robot, which is made from the same material as their mattress ticking.

The out-of-the-box thinking and the ambition of the young entrepreneurs from Somnox combined with the experience and expertise of Auping, has brought the sleep industry a true innovation.

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