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Step up your skincare routine with HiMirrors smart mirror

Are you actively working on the condition of your skin but not sure if you’re using the right products? Losing too much time to your beauty routine every morning? Or simply in need of an upgrade? The HiMirror Mini Premium is a smart vanity mirror, designed to enhance your beauty routine and simplify your everyday life.

The most intriguing function the HiMirror Mini offers is the skin analyzer. Using a high resolution camera, the HiMirror snaps a pictures of you and breaks this down, giving you an skin condition overview going from wrinkles and red spots to dark circles, pores and more. By analyzing your skin weekly – or even daily – you get a visualization of how your skin has improved (if it has).

By scanning your skincare products in the SkinSafe app, you allow the HiMirror to track the effects of these products on your skin. It will also track your supply and let you order more when you’re almost out of stock. It also helps you find out if the products contain any harmful components. Based on everything the mirror will learn/has learned about your skin, it will give you suggestions on what skincare products to use.

Apart from analyzing your skin and tracking your skincare products, it has many other routine-enhancing features. For example the Make-up Studio app, which lets you adjust and control the built-in lighting, but mainly lets you try on make-up digitally to give you a look and feel before actually applying it.

Using the HiTube app, you can watch any Youtube video while applying your make-up. Switch to Spotify if you’re in a more musical mood or hop on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with your socials. See a weather forecast on your homescreen and quickly scan through the latest news headlines. Amazon’s Alexa is part of the HiMirror experience too. You get all the functions of an Echo, meaning that Alexa can control your other smart gadgets, create reminders or read the weather report out loud.

The only downside we could think of is the fact that it misses a flipside with magnification, though you can use the camera to zoom.

Visit our experience-store in Amsterdam to try the HiMirror Mini Premium out for yourself, or buy it online in our webshop!

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