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A Scandinavian interior - deep down, we all dream of it. The understated nature of this style brings calm into the home and puts stressful hustle and bustle out of the way. There are different nuances within Scandinavian interiors, such as Danish design. In Denmark, they know exactly what they are doing. It's no coincidence that this country is constantly producing top design products. Danish design is characterised by simplicity, clean lines and timelessness. The objects are often practical and functional, without too much frills and therefore perfect for a peaceful home. Warm and basic Danish design is a great starting point to further enrich your interior with other home inspiration. The colours black, white and pastel dominate and combine perfectly with almost any other colour. Danish design is warm, soft and organic. You will rarely find perfectly straight furniture, because within this movement there is a desire for natural effect and shapes that you find outdoors. Tables with rounded edges and chairs that obviously feature wicker. Danish design in your home Do you also want to come home to Copenhagen after a long day? Metamorphosing your home or living space to Danish standards is no rocket science. Danish design needs the peace and space to flourish. Therefore, go for a light, natural base. Choose a soft colour for the walls such as beige, powder pink or choose a combination of white and black. Preferably choose a real wood floor to get off to a good start. PVC or a cast floor will do perfectly as well, of course! From there, work on dividing the furniture. Round, friendly shapes and wavy edges fit in perfectly with a Danish home. Go for a corner sofa with soft shapes and natural colours like sand or - a bit darker - terracotta. Functional and sustainable living When decorating your Scandinavian home, ask yourself whether you really need anything. In Denmark, they don't like fuss and bother and home accessories preferably have a practical use. A nice wooden bowl, for example, serves perfectly as a fruit basket while at the same time being an aesthetic stunner. Look critically at the details in your home or living space. Often, 2 or 3 candlesticks do the trick according to Danish design. Functional living surrounded by eye-catching furniture and accessories. Sustainable a la Denmark Opt for natural materials. Oak and rattan make a nice warm base in your new interior. Supplement this with soft and modest fabrics such as linen, cotton or leather. This way, you can easily create an airy home without compromising on comfort. The great thing is that many furniture and home objects of Danish design go hand-in-hand with sustainability. Natural materials are often used as a starting point and 'handmade' is not an unknown feature. With Danish-designed interior items, you know you're in the right place - and nice and comfy, too.

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