Bold Smart Cylinder SX 33


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The Bold Smart Lock allows keyless entry & exit into your home, giving convenience to your whole family. The Bold Smart Lock also allows you to control who can have access to your house. The door can always be unlocked from the inside, which means you can always leave safely during emergencies. This smart lock is easy to install & operate via the Bold app.

Your Bold Smart Cylinder comes with a battery so it’s easy to use and you won’t be needing any wires. Because the Bold battery is designed by the newest techniques and it doesn’t use much power it will last up to 2 years without charging. The lifespan of the Bold Smart Cylinder combined with this battery is therefore much longer than other motorised locks on the market. It’s known that some of the competitor locks only have a lifespan of several weeks sometimes months.

You can install the Bold Smart Cylinder in just a few minutes. There are many different sizes of cylinders and we made the Bold lock suitable for as many doors as possible. The inside measurements of most common doors are 30 to 35 mm. You can easily adjust the size of the outside by using the included extension tools up to 45mm. We would recommend to also measure the distance between the heart of the cylinder on the front to the edge of the door, this must be less than 30 mm.

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