Vitaly Med Soft whole body massage pillow

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Are you ready for a good dose of relaxation? Then enjoy a wonderful massage at home on the couch. The Vitaly Med Soft gives a kneading movement, inspired by a real hand massage. The infrared function ensures that (1) the blood circulation
stimulated, (2) waste products are better removed and (3) your muscles feel warm and supple. With the remote control, you can easily set the massage direction, massage speed and infrared function.

You can easily apply the Vitaly Med Soft to multiple body parts, for example sitting for a (low) back massage or lying down to massage your neck and shoulders. Even tired feet and legs can be easily massaged, making your legs feel lighter again soon.


1. For relaxation: a relaxing massage, a moment of rest during the day. Read a book, watch your favourite series or just sit on the couch while enjoying a massage.

2. With muscle knots: the combination of massage and infrared ensures that the muscles come loose again.

3. For tense or stiff muscles: the combination of massage and infrared improves blood circulation so that the muscles will become supple again.

4. In stress: a relaxation massage stimulates the production of the happiness hormone endorphins and reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Take your moment of rest before, during or after a busy day and enjoy a stress-reducing massage


  • Relaxation massage
  • Easy to operate
  • Looks like an "ordinary" pillow, neatly on the couch
  • Light in weight and therefore easy to carry
  • Can be used locally
  • Four massage heads, natural feeling
  • Car adapter included
Weight 1.2KG
Material microfiber pillowcase
Height 40CM
Weight 40CM
Power 110-240v / 12v-24v / 50Hz
Power usage 25w
Warranty 5-year full warranty

Massage speeds two
Massage direction two (up/down)
Heath infrared

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