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Robust, large and practical. This is typical for an industrial style of living. A few bumps in a large wooden dining table or an unpolished atmosphere are not unknown to this interior style. An industrial interior stands for a lived-in look using solid materials such as wood and metal. The basis of an industrial interior Think of living in a factory hall and take your inspiration from this. A concrete floor or cast floor fits this style perfectly. It is the ultimate base from which you can easily proceed. Keep the walls calm and go for colours like white, grey, taupe and shades of brown. In an industrial home, you will hardly find any bright colours in order to keep the interior nice and calm. Do stand out by, for example, creating a stone wall, adding wooden beams or incorporating graphic black-and-white prints. How to create an industrial living style? Go for metal details scattered throughout the interior. For instance, a metal door with transparent or frosted glass, metal door handles and lamps. Combine the sleek and cool of metal with the robustness of scaffolding wood. You might even be lucky enough to have authentic wooden beams in your home. An industrial interior calls for multiple eye-catchers, so thinking big works really well. Check our industrial home accessories for more inspiration. A warm industrial interior Don't forget to add warmth to your industrial home. With all that grey, concrete and metal, it can be a cold affair. Get plenty of wood in your home, but also think about a (imitation) leather cognac brown sofa, for example. This showstopper really stands out and immediately raises the temperature. Decorate your home with rugs and cushions for extra warmth and textures. However, keep the colours calm. This will create a bold but soft atmosphere in your home. Does the industrial living style warm you up too? We know! Get inspired on this page and bring that factory vibe inside.

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