Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Its a great place for cooking but also for socialising. And what is a kitchen without the right equipment? A sink is one of the essential components in your kitchen. You are free to choose what kind of sink suits your kitchen. From a minimalist single sink to a luxurious double sink. Productpine has something for everyone. You have a wide choice of materials. From plastic composite granite stainless steel or even ceramic. If you go for a classic look you can choose a square or oval sink. Want more modernity in your kitchen? Then opt for a rectangular game sink. If you have a large kitchen you can opt for a double sink. That way you have space on two sides for rinsing. Productpine has sinks in all kinds of sizes. Choose the right size that suits your kitchen. A width between 30 and 45 cm is suitable for a small kitchen. If you have more space you can choose a width of 50 cm or more. The depth of the sink is also important. If you want to be able to rinse big choose a depth of 17 cm or more. If you have chosen a sink then you also need to pick a matching tap. Not only because a tap is necessary to drain the water but also to give your kitchen the finishing touch it needs.

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