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Sultry summer dining

We've been feeling the heat again over the past few weeks. That means we're heading our gardens and balconies with full speed. Long evenings with sultry temperatures call for stretched-out dinners and long after-dinner drinks. And we just happen to know what you need for that.   For a nice long summer dinner, you need a cosy spot to sit down together. A large garden table or a solid balcony bar will do the trick. Could these use some freshening up? Then treat it first with the appropriate furniture care before setting the table. Decorate the table like new again after, with accessories in soft, light and natural colours. Think beige, warm white tones and sand colours. Use wicker placemats or a tablecloth in airy linen or cotton.   On a beautiful summer evening, the last thing you want is to keep getting up to grab dishes, drinks or other props from the kitchen. Therefore, gather the  essentials already on the table. Get yourself a good wine cooler, either fancy on a stand or just placed on the table. Accompany it with a kitchen towel to catch cold drips in order to refill the glasses with ease. Go for a sturdy wine glass that holds up well on a full table and which can handle a bump.   Fill your table with goodies that everyone can keep on tasting. A well-stocked snacks and bites board, a nice salad bowl with fresh vegetables and small stoneware dishes for olives, dips, spreads and toppings. A large bread basket filled with sliced ciabatta or sourdough baguette is the perfect foundation for a summer meal. Fancy a barbecue, but don't feel like standing next to it all night? Then pick a table barbecue. You can just sit  next to it without missing a minute of conversation.   Set the table stylishly AND functionally with large dinner plates and a complete set of cutlery, so that you don't have to go back and forth to the kitchen - at most for another bottle of wine or for some more water. Fill a carafe with water and lemon slices for a refreshing thirst quencher inbetween bites. Table filled en set? Then let the sultry summer dining begin!

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