Jornt Kost
The innovations of today help me work at any time, anywhere around the world.
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About me
Since I became a tourmanager for a international DJ. Traveling the world on a daily basis became part of my everyday life. Being able to have some products that make being in cars, planes and trains all the time more pleasant, is not an unnecessary luxury, if you ask me. Besides being a tourmanager, I love working on other projects such as; marketing, design and management. Wanna see more of my journey and my companies, follow me on Instagram: @jorntkost.
Wavy X1 earplugs - Designed for flow
While doing my work as a tour manager, working in a noisy environment is of frequent occurrence. The Earplugs of Wavy are stylish and of course, protect my ears.
Chipolo One
While taking care of a big crew while traveling, it’s unavoidable that sometimes we lose a backpack, wallet, or suitcase. The Chipolo One helps you find your stuff and it even gives you a notification from the app if you leave your item behind.
Pocketalk Voice/Camera Translator
For my work, I have to communicate with hundreds of people, especially in countries located in Asia, it can be hard to communicate. This device with 74 different languages can help me with this barrier.
ARROE - LAER Portable Battery & Charging Hub
Charging your laptop, tablet and phone anywhere you are? Is this a dream haha.
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3.0
If you travel a lot in different time zones, and not being able to create a “normal” sleep/life cycle. Every place you can sleep, you will try to get some extra rest. That’s why having good headphones with noise-canceling and great sound, helps me a lot.