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About me
Hi! Welcome in my world. The things I do in my spare time is enjoying life. Fashion, food, body, mind and travel are hashtags that I use everyday. Make the most out of it and enjoy life to the fullest.
Click & Grow
Click & Grow Smart Garden 3
Living in a house with no garden disables my opportunity to grow my own herbs and spices. A great invention that makes it accessible for people to grow their own herbs.
Duux Sphere Air Purifier
Definitely with working from home, having clean air helps me focus. That's why I use this product.
Cuisinart Griddle & Grill
I love innovative products for in the kitchen. This one is one of my favorites because it's easy to use, and the food comes out great.
BLACKROLL® Loop Band Set
For a quick workout this product is ideal. I use it to stay in shape as often as I can!
BaByliss LED Ultra Slim Beauty Mirror
This mirror is great. It shows me everything i want to know about my cosmetic health. Also the settings on lighting makes it very versitile for whatever you want to check.
An electric bike that looks awesome. Perfect for a short cummute.