Stuff doesn't necessarily make your life better, but it does make it easier.
About me
Get an education, have a side job and maintain your hobbies. Lots of things that keep me busy every day. On my Instagram (@mikaoussoren) I share everything in my life, from how I spend a Sunday afternoon in the Johan Cruijff ArenA to how my cats caught a mouse for the umpteenth time in a day.
Sonos One Smart Speaker
Music throughout your house with Sonos in 1 tap on your phone!
Ekster Parliament Traceable Wallet
A wallet with a tracking card, so you will never lose it again.
Ring Video doorbell 3 + Indoor Cam Bundle
Not at home and the doorbell rings? With this doorbell you always know immediately if you have missed someone.
Iron Roots
Iron Roots Unisex Hemp Performance Hoodie
Whether you are going to work out, have a chill day or go to a party, you can wear this hoodie at any time.