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About me
Living life with full energy. I enjoy the innovations and technology today’s world has to offer. Whether it is relaxing on the couch in my living room or hiking in Vietnam, bringing or using some new gadgets is never a bad idea! Keeping up with new developments and innovations is what I’m passionate about.
Ekster Parliament Traceable Wallet
Used to lose several cards each year? With this wallet you will lose no more cards. If you do manage to lose them, easily trace them back.
The Light Phone
The Light Phone
Nowadays, I find myself looking at my smartphone a lot. My days are busy and often completely filled with work, but when I’m off I am scrolling on my phone all the time. Since I have bought this Light Phone I am having a lot more quality time with friends and family. Besides, the Light Phone gave me more rest. It is nice to be offline sometimes, but still being able to call someone.
Cuisinart Automatic Wine Opener
I enjoy a glass of wine every now and then. With this opener, you make sure to open the bottle easily and in style.
Klipsch The Fives
A surprisingly easy to use, high-end speaker. A must-have for every living room. Klipsch is known for quality and this Wifi speaker doesn’t disappoint.
Smart Zigbee Hub + 2 dimmable lights E27
Essential for me. I can now control my light from anywhere, at any time. The feature I like the most is the lights automatically turning on at a specific time. Besides, this is a great starter kit to start your smart home. You can expand it with a lot of products.
Brekr Model B 45 km/h
Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Chime + Transformer)
Never miss a guest anymore. You can spot whoever is in front of your door from anywhere!