Love the city life
About me
I live in the thriving city of Amsterdam. Due to COVID-19, I work a lot more from home than before but I still have to travel a lot. Amsterdam is THE city to do this by bike. Other than that my life is all about stylish and innovative products. I like tech but do not consider myself a “nerd”.
MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand - Adhesive version
This laptop stand makes working from home a lot better. Back and neck pains belong to the past using this Moft laptop stand!
Moleskine Ellipse Smart Writing Set
I prefer writing my notes over typing. With this smart writing set it automatically converts your notes to a digital version as well. Very handy.
GrillEye Grilling & Smoking Thermometer
A small and easy to use tool. Essential in any kitchen and at the BBQ!
IQbuds BOOST Earphones/Hearing Amplifiers
Nothing better than closing yourself off from the world and enjoying your favourite music. These earphones can also amplify surrounding sound.
Travelteq The New Original Briefcase
A mix of timeless design and smart solutions. Want to look stylish with this leather bag, but love innovation? This charging leather bag is your way to go.
This e-bike gets you everywhere and since it is electric, it is the fastest way to travel through the city. This bike from WATT Fietsen is worth the investment.
Opus One Jonas The Smart Umbrella
Your own personal assistant in the form of an umbrella. It even tells me when it is about to start raining!