Because tech isn't just for men!
About me is the tech website for women, made by Anke Horstman. TechGirl was created in 2012 (as a counter-reaction to the many tech websites that are mainly aimed at men) that shows and proves a tech website for women could be not only about pink smartphones, but also the attention to details and style. Here you will find everything about programming, gadgets & social media. #techgirl: the new #fitgirl.
MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand - Adhesive Version
Lightweight laptop stand which perfect for 'on the go'. Finally no more head and neck pain and I can work wherever I want!
Moleskine Ellipse Smart Writing Set
Convert my handwritten notes into digital text. Works even with sloppy handwriting. Always with me for the most important meetings!
Somnox Sleep Robot
The solution for those who fall asleep poorly. This smart robot helps you get through the night relaxed, as well as to fall asleep and wake up calmly.
Silk'n Infinity Premium Smooth
Easy solution for those who find waxing painful and laser treatment too uncomfortable and expensive!