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About me
What can you find in my world? I love gadgets, but they have to be practical.I also find sports and a healthy lifestyle very important.That’ s why you will find products with a combination of a beautiful design and practical use.
Chipolo One Bluetooth Tracker
Ideal product for me, because I always lose my keys.
Allocacoc Levitating Lamp
Lamps create atmosphere in a home and definitely with a nice design like this one. This is something for me.
Innovative Polaroid Lab
Phones can take beautiful pictures these days, but how much fun is it to turn these into polaroids!
Bold Smart Cylinder SX 33
Nice and simple design, and finally a smaller smartlock. Also very handy that it can be opened with a code..
ShiftCam 3-in-1 MultiLens Case for iPhone 11
There is nothing more annoying then wanting to take a beautiful picture but not having my camera with me.With this product I can take great pictures with different lenses for my Iphone, which I always have with me.