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I love nature and try to create a perfect climate in my life!
About me
I love nature, therefore I picked some cool products. With the weather station you can achieve more of an understanding of your local climate. In the summer, I always go to the countryside for the beautiful landscapes and diverse nature. A hike through the woods is my perfect morning.
Duux Sphere Air Purifier
Like said earlier, maintaining a perfect indoor climate is essential when you are home a lot. The Sphere is your best friend in doing so.
Invi Bracelet for Self-Defense
Makes you feel safe whenever you go out for a walk on your own. A stylish piece of self defense.
No more wasting plastic bags. With Everless you always have a bag on hand. Fits in every pocket!
Click & Grow
Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 - Automatic Plants Grower
What’s better than fresh herbs from your own vegetable garden?! With this Smart Garden everybody is able to grow vegetables very easily.
Eve Energy Strip
With this smart energy strip you can control the power of three outlets by your phone. It also gives an insight on electric usage and how to reduce this.
Iron Roots
Iron Roots Unisex Hemp Performance Hoodie
An excellent piece of clothing. Perfect for your afternoon jog, however it can also be perfect for a night on the couch at home.
Netatmo Full Weather Station Pack - Outdoor Module
Knowing the exact weather and how to optimize your indoor climate. Since we are spending a lot of time at home, this device can be really valuable.

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