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“A wine loving traveler”
Health - Travel - Adventure - Cooking - Food
About me
In my world you will find everything that mostly relates to the hospitality industry, focused on the higher gastronomy and a healthy lifestyle. Especially just to give an extraordinary twist to our ordinary ordinary lifestyle. Qualitative, innovative ideas without losing the value of simplistic thinking.
Orbitkey Organiser Cactus Vegan-Friendly Keyholder
Fashionable, easy to use, luxurious, sustainable and just a simplistic invention that everyone uses almost every day.
Matt Sleeps
Matt Sleeps Boxspring
ShiftCam 12mm Ultra Wide Angle Aspherical ProLens
Always nice to leave the extra luggage at home and still being able to make professional pictures with the use of your phone.
Wooden Amsterdam
FLYTE Manhattan 2.1 Levitating Light - Walnut Wood
Luxury, innovation, ambience, modern yet cozy a.k.a. best of both worlds with a new “strange” way to transfer energy through the air. To me, this “strange” new way of transferring energy is a big incentive to purchase this product. What is life without a good nap?

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