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Fashion is my passion.
About me
I love fashion and photography. A day is not complete without me adding a nice picture to my camera roll. Within the products I have chosen, you can find all your day to day essentials to live a day full of fun!
LARQ Bottle PureVis™
A water bottle, 10.000 times more hygienic than your usual water bottle. Sounds good doesn’t it? This LARQ bottle purifies your water again and again. Never have a smelly bottle ever again!
ShiftCam 5-in-1 MultiLens Case (iPhone 11 Pro)
With this case for your smartphone you are able to make the best pictures wherever you are. No more planning on when you need to bring an actual camera with me. You can now make the most beautiful pictures all day.
Polaroid Lab Instant Printer
With the Polaroid Lab you can pick your favorite pictures and to print, make a collage or even bring to life with AR!
Super73-ZG - Entry-level Electric Motorbike
Cruising through the city and getting from point A to B in style. You will be the king/queen of the road on this bike.
BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener
With the cordless hair straightener you can always touch up my hair, no matter the weather your hair always looks flawless!
Silk'n ToothWave Electric Toothbrush
The Toothwave gives you the confidence to smile all day, with the patented technology it removes discoloration, plaque and tartar.

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