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Brekr Amsterdam
Productpine and Brekr

Productpine’s new partner Brekr delivered its first electric moped last Thursday, September 17, just over a year after its launch. The Brekr model B adds something completely new to the street scene. Where up to now electric mopeds mainly got the same appearance as the “normal” mopeds, Brekr takes a different path. The design connects technology and history, resulting in a stylish, sturdy moped.

To launch this new collaboration, Brekr will be present at Productpine in Amsterdam for a weekend. After this weekend, the moped can be tested with us all year round, but on 9 and 10 October the men from Brekr are happy to provide you with more explanations and stories.


Brekr Model B

The Brekr is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 2.0 kWh, which results in a range of between 50 and 80 kilometers. This can be doubled by purchasing an extra battery, there is room for two batteries under the saddle. Because the placement of the batteries is so low, the handling of the electric moped is very good.

The moped is very quiet due to the use of the electric motor. This also entails a new danger. Because road users do not hear you coming, they also see you less quickly. To ensure that no dangerous situations occur, you hear an electric sound from the Brekr, generated based on the speed and how much gas you give. This also provides a unique futuristic driving experience.

The Brekr Model B is available in two variants: 25 km / h or 45 km / h.

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