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Consequences COVID-19
The far-reaching consequences of the coronavirus have led us to the decision of closing our doors, to keep our employees and customers safe. Based on the many reactions from our customers, it appeared people were still looking for a way to try out our latest innovations. That is why we have decided to organize private shopping tours. This is a safe and personalized shopping experience during which you have the possibility to try out your favorite products while following the rules set by the RIVM. If you are interested in a private shopping tour, you can make an appointment by sending a Whatsapp message or calling the following number: +31 6 82 37 09 56. It is also possible to make an appointment by sending an email to

Test ride
One of the products you are able to try out yourself is the e-bike. Within Productpine we have three brands that design the newest electronic bicycles, which are the perfect means of transportation in the city center. We have made a small overview for you below. 

The sturdy Super73-ZG, SG1, and SG e-bikes combine sitting comfortably because of the elongated saddle with a powerful battery to ensure hours of driving pleasure. The Super73 e-bikes have a very powerful engine that reaches a speed of 25 km per hour in a matter of seconds and their retro looks made them stand out. You can easily switch between the level of pedal assistance because of the three different modes. The wide tires make these e-bikes perfect for both paved roads and offroad-adventures. The Super73-ZG e-bike is available for a test ride. Click here for more information.

Super73 ZG

The stylish WATT FIXIE, FEMALE and MALE are part of the newest generation of electric bicycles which are impossible to distinguish from regular bicycles. Both the engine and the battery are completely integrated into the light-weight but strong aluminum frame. The WATT bicycles are quite minimalistic, which means you can purchase almost every part on every corner of the street. This way, maintenance stays easy and affordable. The electrical engine with a power of 250 Watt has 5 settings from about 5 km up to 25 km per hour of pedal assistance. You can completely charge the battery within 3 hours. Click here for more information.

Watt Fietsen

De rugged MATE X e-bike brings you to the next level of joy. It is foldable, has a fast drive, is full of smart-functions and above all, it is very practical. You can assemble your own e-bike by choosing the type of engine, the battery, the brakes, and the color. Next to this, the e-bike has full suspension which smoothes out all the bumps. In combination with the 20-inch offroad-tires, you are in control of the vehicle at any point, even on rocky trails. To start the MATE X, just simply press the lever with your thumb, pedaling is not required. Click here for more information.


Would you like to experience what it is like to ride around on an e-bike yourself? You can make an appointment and cycle along the canals of Amsterdam. This way you stay in shape during this crisis and you might discover your new favorite means of transportation.

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