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Zhiyun Smooth Q2: The pocket-sized smartphone gimbal

Nowadays we've always got our smartphones with us, with which we capture our favorite moments in an instant. Yet you almost always recognize videos shot on a phone, as its almost impossible to keep your phone perfectly still.  

With the Zhiyun Smooth Q2 you don’t have to worry about this no longer. Shoot the most professional videos, wherever you are and whenever you want. Simply place the phone in the spring-loaded clamp, adjust the phone until the weight is distributed and you are ready to film. By connecting through Bluetooth, you can use the handles buttons to control the native camera functions within your smartphone.


The 5 modes
The Smooth Q2 has 5 modes between which you can switch easily using the joystick. The four lights above the joystick indicate which mode you are in:

  • Pan follow: The gimbal follows horizontal movements. The vertical angle is locked, but can be set manually with the joystick.
  • Lock: The phone is locked and will stay pointed in the same direction.
  • Full follow: Like the Pan follow mode, the gimbal follows horizontal movements but unlike PF-mode, it will also follow vertical movements in Full follow mode.
  • Point of view: In POV mode, movement on all three axes is possible.
  • Vortex mode: In the fifth mode - which is active when the 4th light is flashing - you can use the joystick to make the phone rotate in circular movements. Perfect to shoot 360-degree barrel shots in any direction and all dimensions.

Ease of use
Zhiyun has focused a lot on the ease of use of the product. The Smooth Q2 is the first stabilizer that fits in your pocket without having to fold it; its length of 20.4 cm does not make it much larger than a sunglasses case. The battery lasts up to 17 hours and is replaceable. Is your phone battery dead and you're not done filming yet? The Smooth Q2 is also a power bank! Its 4500mAh battery might just get you and your phone to that perfect final shot.

When your phone is attached in the clamp, you will have to calibrate it to make sure the weight is distributed evenly. This is not a difficult job, but time is precious if you want to start filming. This is why Zhiyun has made the clamp detachable. This way you can easily clip your phone off and on again as soon as you are ready to film or feeling like checking social media.


The app
Stabilizers don’t really need an app, as long as they stabilize you’d say. However, Zhiyun sees the added value of an app. They have developed and released ‘ZY Play’, which offers exclusive functions such as:

  • Motion lapse: Make a timelapse that gradually moves from point to point, which you can set yourself.
  • Object tracking: Select an object on the screen and the gimbal will continue to follow it.
  • Dolly zoom: A film technique that became popular by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. By moving further from / closer to an object while the camera zooms in / out, the object remains the same size as the environment changes.

Concluding, the Zhiyun Smooth Q2 doesn’t only make your smartphone videos look as if you used a camera on rails, it also gives you new filming techniques and the ability to charge your phone. A truly innovative smartphone stabilizer in our opinion.

Click here to shop online or visit our experience-store to experience the Zhiyun Smooth Q2 in real life!

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