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  1. Introduction Worlds of Productpine

These General Terms and Conditions explain what Worlds of Productpine is and what it means to be a World owner (innovator). It also explains why certain data is required from you and what it is used for. Finally, there are a number of agreements that you as an innovator must adhere to.

You can register as an innovator from the age of 18.

  1. Productpine in short:

Productpine is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the name Productpine Retail B.V. with Chamber of Commerce number 74515942. The office address is: Herengracht 372, 1016 CH, Amsterdam.

Productpine is all about discovering new brands and products. The Experience Center at Rokin 58 in Amsterdam enables everybody to try out products before buying. Through our Worlds of Productpine platform we enable customers to get to know our brands through lifestyles they feel connected to. By being an innovator you inspire others with your experiences. You can also define your world as a small portfolio of yourself and your interests. In this way, there are also possibilities to set up campaigns together with our partners/brands.

  1. Requirements Worlds of Productpine

In order to apply, you must be at least 18 years old. Productpine reserves the right to decline applications if it believes that the requirements have not been met.

In order to be able to pay commissions, and for you to have insights in statistics, you need to create a GoAffPro account via our portal.


  1. Collect personal data

It is necessary for Productpine to know more about you. For example, we need your email address to stay in touch regarding your World. We need your IBAN to pay out your commission. 

  1. Who sees your personal data?

Your personal data is only accessible to employees of Productpine who need it to set up and run Worlds of Productpine.

Productpine ensures and supervises that your data is not used for other purposes and is not viewed by other parties than described above.


  1. Worlds of Productpine agreements

  • Productpine reserves the right to decline any applicant without giving an explanation. 
  • Productpine has the right to stop the collaboration at any given moment.
  • Productpine may use all content delivered by the innovator on Productpine’s channels.
  • The innovator will receive a commission of 5% per sale of a product that is in his or her World. In order to make this happen, the buyer has to visit Productpine.com via the innovator’s referral link. There is a cookie duration of 30 days. 
  • The innovator may always promote the website of Productpine or his/her world. The innovator may not use any pictures without permission from the website of Productpine (besides their own). 
  • Productpine will pay the compensation monthly at the first of each month.

(There should be a minimum amount of 15 euros earned before payout, when the amount earned is below 15 euros, this amount will be added to the next month.) 

  • Commission will only be paid out after the return period has expired.  
  • Productpine may reach out to the innovator to propose collaborations with other brands.


  1. Disclaimer of Content

A World owner delivers content in order to create a World at Productpine. Productpine may use this content commercially. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you indicate that you are aware of them and you give your approval for the commercial use of your content by Productpine.

  1. How to change/stop your World of Productpine

You can always include another product in your World. Send an email to worlds@productpine.com and indicate which product you want to remove from your World and which one should enter your World.

Have you decided to stop being an innovator. Send an email to worlds@productpine.com with the subject "I will stop as an innovator". We will delete all your data within 14 days and confirm this to you by email.

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