Happy Friday Nordic sack Happy mermaid 105x200 cm Without filling Multicolor


Feelings of joy and fun will fill your child's room when you decorate their bed with the beautiful pink coral reef and cheerful, colorful underwater illustrations found on the Happy Mermaid comforter cover from the Mr. Fox collection. The little ones will sleep warmly all night long. The comforter covers are ideal for dressing the beds of young children. It is a duvet cover that has a built-in zipper to attach it to the fitted sheet. In this way, once the fitted sheet is adjusted, by means of the zipper, you will close the duvet cover as if it were a sleeping bag. It is a great system so that our children do not uncover while sleeping. Removable: For easy washing, or for use in summer, on the back there is a hidden zipper that allows us to put on and remove the filling comfortably. It is 300 Gr which provides great comfort. Mobility: It has a gusset that allows the small to move comfortably.

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