Kabuto Smart Carry-on 4 Wheels

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Uitbreidbaar | Verwijderbare batterij | Vingerafdruksensor | 55x35x23cm

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Kabuto® Smart Carry-on 4 wheels in two variants: 

1. Regular 4 wheels carry-on luggage

2. Expandable 4 wheels carry-on luggage

The only smart luggage with a removable connected back pocket! Kabuto® received the distinction “Red Dot Design Award” in 2018, an internationally recognized seal of high design quality.


  • 1 Kabuto® smart carry-on 4 wheels.

  • 1 removable battery 10 000mAh (FAA approved).

  • 2 USB C sockets + 1 USB A socket + 1 micro USB.

  • 1 fingerprint biometric sensor (TSA approved).

  • Comes in 2 different variants: The regular luggage and the expandable luggage.
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Removable connected back pocket: Magic connected clipping with MagSafe® magnets and USB C socket. Pull the handle disconnect the backside.

  • Your devices will be charged via the USB C plug when you lock the laptop pocket back onto the suitcase.

  • Removable battery + USB Key: the Kabuto® portable power pack is a removable Li-ion battery 10 000 mAh – 37 W (maximum allowed on aircraft is 100 W): charges up to 4 smartphones or 1/2 laptop 2 USB-C ports 1 USB-A port 1 micro USB port.

  • Open the suitcase with your fingerprint: simply place your fingertip on the sensor to open the suitcase. No key, no code, no app! Biometric fingerprint sensor controlling the TSA approved lock system Security officers have a master key to open your luggage in case of necessity.

  • Up to 10 fingerprints & 1 key provided.

  • Silent Wheels: 4 all-terrain wheels fitted on double ball bearings and rubber tires for a smooth and quiet ride on all-terrain

  • Lifetime Kabuto® warranty 55x35x23cm 3,6Kg.


55x35x23cm to 75x35x23cm
Power bank
removable - 10 000mAh - FAA approved - Charges up to 4 smartphones or 1/2 laptop 2 USB-C ports 1 USB-A port 1 micro USB port
Lifetime Warranty

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