Oakywood iPhone Dock Charger

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Duurzaam walnoot- en eikenhout | Veelhoekig ontwerp | Alle iPhone smartphones + AirPods

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Bring nature into your home with Oakywood’s stunning iPhone Dock Charger. This docking station is made of solid oak or walnut and is finished with ecological oils to elongate the durability of the wood. The extraordinary polygonal charger has an atypical design with an enchanting charm. Made with the latest technology and finished by true woodworking artists. This charging dock is compatible with all iPhone smartphones and AirPods.

- Effortlessly charge your iPhone with the Oakywood iPhone Dock Charger

- Extraordinary design. Inspired by nature.

- Made of 100% sustainably resourced oak wood or walnut wood

- One-hand operation – thanks to micro-suction tape technology & cable locking system

- Highly protective – includes a soft adjustable backing so your phone stays in place


Solid Oak / Walnut wood and Merino Wool Felt
9 x 9 x 4.2 cm
All Apple iPhone, AirPods 1&2, AirPods Pro and any other lightning powered devices
Oakywood iPhone Dock Charger (Walnut/Oak), Apple iPhone lightning cable.
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