Oakywood Pen Tray OakyBlocks

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100% massief eiken of walnotenhout | Capaciteit: 5 pennen of potloden | Krasbestendig

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With the wooden Pen Tray from Oakywood, you’re always ready to record your thoughts and ideas. Gone are the days of rummaging through your backpack, looking for that favourite pen. With Oakywood’s ingenious design, your favourite writing accessories are within arm’s reach. Its grooved design allows you to store up to 5 pens or pencils while making your desk more organised. This pen holder is made by Oakywood’s talented woodworking artisans, who make every piece by hand with utmost detail. This shines through in its phenomenal quality, functionality and durability. The Wooden Pen Tray consists of a multitude of magnets, which allows them to easily connect them with the other modules of the OakyBlocks series.

- The Large Pen Tray keeps your desk more organised

- Always have a pen within arm’s reach to map down your most creative ideas

- Suitable for up to 5 pens or pencils

- 100% solid oak or walnut wood

- Cork’s bottom makes no scratches

- Mix & Match with the OakyBlocks collection thanks to the built-in magnets


Solid oak or walnut wood, sustainable cork
19 x 9.5 cm (7.5 x 3.7″)
OakyBlocks Pen Tray (Oak or Walnut)
Made in

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