Polaroid Originals i-Type Film

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8 vellen fotopapier | Geschikt voor Polaroid I-type | Print: 10,7 bij 8,8 cm | Afbeelding: 7,9 bij 7,9 cm


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i-Type film is a new generation of instant film, optimized for i-Type cameras like the OneStep 2. That means you get the best photos possible with your OneStep 2, as crisp, clear and colorful as every photo should be. And because i-Type cameras have their own rechargeable batteries, we don't have to put one in the film, meaning you save money on every single pack. But don't try using it in a vintage camera – it won't work, no matter how nicely you ask it to.

With this Color I-type film you can shoot the most beautiful color photos with your i-Type/600 camera (e.g. the OneStep 2). The film is good for 8 photos and has a size of 107 mm x 88 mm.


Technical Specifications
Photo's per film:
Battery free:
107 x 88 mm
Image area:
79 x 79 mm
Development time:
5-15 minutes

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