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Tot 50°C warmte | Een dag lange batterijduur | USB-C poort | Dun en ademend

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Quanta Vici's Smart Heated Gloves sense and maintain the exact temperature you personally prefer and that is just 1 of the +30 features!

Quanta Vicis heat up to 50 Celsius (130 Fahrenheit), lasting anywhere from 6 to 50 hours on a single charge. Even then, the USB-C port allows you to hook up any power bank and extend the battery life limitlessly!

The thin and breathable gloves offer dexterity for carrying out your everyday tasks in the protective comfort of smart heat. The touch fingertips allow you to use your smartphone as the grip texture helps prevent objects from slipping your grip.

Quanta Vici's Smart Apparel are designed for IP67 so that you can use them in any weather and easily wash them by temporarily removing the batteries.

De Smart Apparel van Quanta Vici zijn ontworpen voor IP67, zodat je ze in alle weersomstandigheden kunt gebruiken en ze gemakkelijk kunt wassen door de batterijen tijdelijk te verwijderen.

The Quanta Vici App connects to your gloves, showing you the exact sensed temperature and giving you the option to customize the precise temperature degree you would like your wearables to maintain via heating. Never one degree cooler or warmer than your personally preferred temperature level.

The app offers many other features, such as indicating the estimated battery life remaining and software updates.

The gloves have a built-in RGB Light that can be turned on with a bright white light for Night Visibility.

Quanta Vici's products are designed and produced by engineers and designers from world's greatest companies such as Adidas, Ralph Lauren, BMW, Bose, EcoBee, and more! all bringing their cutting-edge experience, powered by love.


Touchscreen Fingertips
Yes (3 Fingers)
Grip Texture
Thin & Breathable
75% Polyester and 25% Spandex
Tech Specs
Battery Life
6 to 50 Hours on a single charge
Battery Type
2200 mAh (7.4v) - Compatible with 3000 mAh option
USB Type
Maximum Temperature
130 Fahrenheit (50 Celsius)
Software Updates
Number of Sensors
2 Temperature Sensors
Night Visibility Light
Temperature Memory
Remembers Personal Desired Selected Temperature Degree
App & Bluetooth Support
BLE 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy Version 5.0)
Supported Operating Systems
Android & iOS
Temperature Settings
Customizable with Degree Precision
Temperature Sensing
Indicates precise temperature sensed

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