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Veltra Wooden Bike

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Dual-Pivot Remklauwen | Premium Onderdelen | Spanningsnaven

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This unique Veltra bike unveils the latest innovations in the sustainable market by introducing the world’s first laminated bamboo bike! Combined with the finest craftsmanship, the best materials, and a very unique design this bike offers a perfect combination of performance, weight, strength, stiffness, and comfort.

Built from scratch, every single bicycle takes hours to complete. With an athletic handling and a short wheelbase, Veltra is a stylish and lightweight urban road rocket. With unique properties of absorbing road vibrations and strength greater than steel, this bamboo bike is unlike anything you’ve ever ridden. The unique shape, sporty looks and premium finishes give this urban bike the optimal balance between comfort and efficiency.

Tensile hubs combine a lightweight body, built with industrial sealed bearings, ensuring low maintenance ideally for your day to day city riding.

The Dual-Pivot Brake Calipers by Shimano Tiagra offer 30% greater braking power modulation ensuring a reliable and precise braking in any situation, even under wet conditions.

Typified by its lightweight (285g), supportive shape and pressure-relief channel the Spoon by Charge is the saddle of choice for riders who demand comfort, performance and value.

For reliable and precise handling, we have equipped each bike with a strong and long-wearing tire by Michelin Dynamic Sport, helping you ride more efficiently mile-after-mile.

ISO 4210 – Safety requirements for bicycles
Veltra has successfully passed the safety requirements for bicycles by obtaining the most prestigious certificate in the bike industry, ISO 4210. This procedure outlines a process for testing the fatigue strength of components. Its testing requirements are built on three pillars: fatigue (caused by recurring loads), overloading and impacts (which are less frequent events.)

Each bike is crafted with care and precision, one at a time, by combining premium components and the finest craftsmanship.

The story of Veltra began in 2012 when they decided to make the perfect bike for riding through the city. It began with a simple premise, to give people a maintenance-free bicycle, that is eco-friendly and has a unique design. Thus, after many years, endless research and dozens of tests, the bamboo bicycle was born; a breathtaking bike that delivers excellent riding quality and control. Veltra believes in quality, care, and creating unique products that preserve the environment. Diverse, creative, and inspired by what we see every day. We hope they will inspire you too.


    Recommended height 168-178 cm
    Recommended height 178-184 cm
    Recommended height 184-190 cm
    Bamboo | black
    bamboo frame | metal | carbon fiber
    3-year warranty for the bamboo frame and a 2-year warranty to other components.
    ISO 4210 safety requirements
    9.4 kg – 10 kg

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