WATT NEW YORK Minimalist Bicycle

Choose size:54 CM frame - Length 1.66 - 1.84 m
Choose color:Black

Lichtmetalen frame | 5-25 km per hour | 16kg | Geïntegreerde batterij

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Electric Single Gear
The ELECTRIC FIXIE is a so-called naked bike. In contrast to the other models, the bicycle has no attachment points for a luggage rack or mudguards. A minimalist bicycle so you can buy almost all the parts on every corner of the street. In this way, maintenance remains easy and affordable. In line with this, you can also easily play with the bike elements yourself. The real Fixie enthusiasts know what to do with it. Another color of tires, saddle, or handles are easily added. And that is now also possible with this electrically driven basic bike.

Light and strong
The frame of the ELECTRIC FIXIE is made of alloy, which makes the bike light and durable. The bike weighs less than 16 kilograms, which means you can easily handle it if you want to cycle without pedal assistance. Furthermore, we used a gear ratio of 2.75. This is the ratio between the front and rear sprockets. So you can cycle nicely at higher speeds and do not have to pedal hard. The disadvantage is that cycling or accelerating is harder. However, the electric motor gives you almost immediate support, eliminating this disadvantage.

Support up to 25 KM per hour
The electric motor can be found in the rear axle and has a capacity of 250 WATT. The drive takes place via a speed sensor at your bottom bracket. The engine has 5 assistance levels of approximately 5 km to 25 km per hour. The more you pedal yourself, the less power you use from the battery. The positions are preset, but you can adjust it according to your wishes.

Integrated Battery
The battery is concealed in the lower tube to ensures an ideal weight distribution of the bicycle. Cycling feels very natural and familiar this way. You can charge the bike through a charger that connects your bike. Similar to charging your mobile phone. Charging an empty battery takes approximately 3 hours.

30-60 KM Range
How far you can cycle with a full battery (the range) depends on several factors. It depends on your weight, the support position you choose, and the circumstances in which you cycle. With strong headwinds and assistance level 5, for example, the range is smaller than on a flat road with no wind and assistance level 1. In general, you can assume that you can cover a distance between 30 and 60 kilometers. More than enough for a daily trip to the city.

Ready to drive delivered to your home
We will deliver the bicycle completely assembled to your home, so you are immediately ready to take a ride. The basic edition of the ELECTRIC FIXIE comes with: a brown saddle and handles, a double stand and a charger.


28’ (25-622) 700 x 25C
54 cm / 59 cm
Matte black
Handles and saddle
Black leather look
City bicycle aluminum
Stainless steel
Integrated in frame
36V - 250W - 45NM (Rearwheel)
Maximum speed
25 km per hour
Pedal assistance
5 levels
No, integrated in frame
36V – 8.7Ah battery
40 - 70 KM
Charging time
3 to 5 hours
LI-ion battery charger

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