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Worlds of Productpine

Worlds of Productpine is a shopping platform that helps you find your #nextfavouritething. All innovators create their own personal World, with up to 5 products that fit their lifestyle By doing so, you will discover amazing products that you have never even thought of. A World builds upon your lifestyle and interests.
By telling us more about your story or passion, you inspire other visitors of Productpine. We have selected worlds’ most unique products and brands for you, that challenge the status quo. Now, it is your turn to tell us which ones you like most. Did we mention that you will earn a reward along the way?

How does it work?

Fill out your full name and email address so we can reach out to you.
Tell your story.
Upload your content and create a unique World that tells your story.
Select 5 products.
Select up to 5 of your favourite products from brands that you like.
Start promoting.
Once your World is set up, share it with those around you and get rewarded.
"Create a world to inspire others and promote your favourite products and brands, while being rewarded for doing so."

Am I an innovator?

Yes, you are! Innovators have been inspiring others for as long as we know. If you tell your story and share the products you enjoy most, you automatically become an innovator with your own World. Anyone can create their own World, there are no specific criteria you need to meet. What are you waiting for?
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Frequently asked questions

How can I get my own ‘World’?
Click on apply now and follow the remaining steps.
How many followers do I need before I can get my own ‘World’?
The exact answer is: zero. We believe everyone lives their life in an interesting and authentic way. The World is about you and your lifestyle and personality, not about how many followers you have. The minimum age to be able to create a world is 18 years.
How do I get rewarded for sales that result from my ‘World’?
Each World owner gets its own “innovator code”. If your innovator code is used for a sale of a product within your World, you will receive a 5% commission.
Can I try out a product before I select it for my 'World’?
Yes, you can! Productpine is all about experiencing brands and their products. In our Experience Center, located at Rokin 58 in Amsterdam, you are welcome every day of the week to try out our products. You can try out most of our products, not all of them. Do you want to know for sure if your favourite product is in the store? Please send a WhatsApp message to +31(0) 682370956.
What content do I have to upload?
After clicking on the ‘Apply now’ button and filling out your email address you automatically receive an email from us in which we explain which content we would like to receive.
Is it possible to make changes in my selection of favourite products?
Yes, this is possible. Send an email to to let us know what changes you would like us to make for you.
What happens after I applied for Worlds of Productpine?
After delivering your World, we will review it within 5 business days. We will check if all information is complete before we publish it on our website.
Is there an opportunity for the future to work together with the brand of my choice?
There sure is. Worlds of Productpine also creates opportunities for you, as we work together with upcoming and established brands on a daily basis. Whenever there is a fit, we are more than happy to introduce you to the brand.