Alecto ADB-11WT - Wireless doorbell, white


The ADB-11WT Wireless Doorbell and Receiver is splash-proof and easy to install:

  • Wireless doorbell and receiver
  • Splash-proof doorbell
  • Available in white

When the weather is good, you may want to work in the garden, sunbathe or read a book. What if you also expect a package you don’t want to miss? Your doorbell may not be audible in the garden. The simple solution here would be a wireless doorbell. A simple, but well-designed product that will alert you when someone is at the door, while you can still go about your business at home or in the garden. You simply place the bell at the front door – which is extremely easy, as you don’t need any cables to do so – and take the receiver with you. The doorbell range is up to 30 meters / 33 yards and works with a coded signal that has little interference, if any. You can choose ringtones from 36 ringtones, so you’re bound to find one you like. Additionally, the volume is adjustable. This wireless doorbell and receiver is a user-friendly product that makes your home life even more comfortable.

What to out look for with a wireless doorbell and receiver

If you choose to go wireless, you choose convenience. Therefore, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use the ADB-11WT Wireless Doorbell and Receiver within minutes and enjoy it for a long time to come. Some of its features are:

  • Its range of up to 30 meters / 33 yards, enabling you to hear the bell clearly whether you’re at the back of your house, in the attic, barn or garden.
  • Easy installation, as it’s wireless and can be used on all existing systems.
  • The choice from 36 ringtones, so rather than getting startled when someone presses the doorbell, you hear a pleasant sound.
  • It’s splash-proof (IP44).
  • The wireless aspect, so no need for any cables.

Take your wireless doorbell and receiver with you

Both the bell and receiver run on batteries. As a result, the receiver is also fully mobile. You can therefore take it with you wherever you go and put it in anywhere in the house. Alecto’s ADB-11WT Wireless Doorbell and Receiver is a well-designed and user-friendly product of high quality.

What's in the box?

  • Doorbell
  • Button cell battery for the doorbell
  • Double-sided tape for the Doorbell.

Wireless doorbell and receiver | Waterproof ringer (IP44) | Easy installation | 36 melodies | Volume adjustable

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