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Alecto Analog scale

Big display | Big | Sturdy and stable anti slip | Big numbers

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Personal scale with a large display, anti-slip mat and large digitsExtra large display with large digitsSturdy, large and stable weighing platformNon-slip matWith markers for previous weight trackingWorks mechanically, without any batteriesA sturdy, analogue scale that looks right at home in any bathroom or GP’s office. This personal scale has exactly what you would expect from it: stability, accuracy and sturdiness, so it can take a beating. In addition, the design is simple and stylish, which makes the scale an asset in any room. The weight indication is shown by kilograms and is therefore not accurate to the gram. If, however, that’s what you are looking for, we would advise you to opt for our digital scale with an accuracy of up to 100 grams.What makes this robust personal scale a good choice?As you may know, Alecto Care is known as a quality brand, with high-quality products at attractive prices. We find a good price-quality ratio especially important. It’s no different with this scale. It’s a sturdy product with a long service life and all kinds of beautiful specifications, such as:Its large display featuring a large number display, making it easy to readIts chrome-plated housing and pointer that reflect the products’ qualityIts stability, with a weighing capacity of up to 140 kg / 300 lbsThe non-slip mat that ensures you can safely step on the scale, even after showering when the room is dampHow it worksBecause the scale is analogous, it only features the turning wheel, which allows you to set the pointer to 0 (zeroing/tarring). Simply step onto the spacious weighing platform and wait for the meter to stop. Once it does, you can read the correct weight. Do you want to check the weight of someone who is unable to stand up, such as a baby or someone who has difficulty walking? Then weigh yourself first, after which you may stand on the scale together. Simply subtract your own weight from the joined weight to get the result. This will only work if your combined weight does not exceed 140 kg / 300 lbs.Alecto Care offers you a well thought-out and user-friendly product of high quality.What's in the box?ScaleManual in NL / EN / DE / FR



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