Alecto ATL-110ZT - Rechargeable LED flashlight / automatic LED night light, black


Alecto ATL-110ZT Rechargeable LED flashlight, Automatic Night Light with Rechargeable Light Sensor- always ready for use. Also available in the color white.

What is the ATL-110ZT emergency light?

In some places in and around the house, such as the garage, caravan or storage room, a small light makes all the difference to help prevent you from stumbling over objects lying around of the floor such as loose cables, toys or other kind of objects. Although the main advantage of this emergency lighting, this feature is certainly not the only one. For example, this emergency lighting has two light sources - the night light and the flashlight - the night light switches on automatically when it gets dark, so you don't have to worry about it being left on. Even in the event of a power failure, the emergency lighting is switched on immediately. The flashlight is handy when looking for candles and matches, for example.

How does this emergency lighting work?

This emergency lighting has been thoroughly thought through, you notice that in everything. For example, you can place the light in the charger as standard to ensure your emergency lighting is always charged in the case of an emergency. The operating time of the flashlight is then two hours. The charger works with induction, which means that the power is delivered to the lamp without the lamp itself being plugged into the socket. The night light (which lights up as soon as it gets dark) consumes little power and gives a soft glow. The emergency lighting/torch provides a bright light, but you can determine the intensity of it yourself. As soon as you remove the light from the charger, the 'big light' automatically switches on immediately.

What is the best emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting must be smart and convenient enough to use without you having to think about it. This emergency lighting fully complies with a number of great features, such as: the light sensor, which automatically switches the night light on when it gets dark. The charger that also functions as a holder so that the light is always charged. The 'big light' with adjustable light intensity which automatically switches on when you take the lamp out of the holder. With this emergency lighting from Alecto you choose a strong, reliable brand. With over forty years experience, our products are leading in the market. We develop (mainly) electronics that meet all your requirements, providing high quality for an attractive price.

What's in the box?

  • Torch charging station
  • Batteries AAA 3x
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / ES

Automatic nightlight with light sensor | Rechargeable - always ready for use | Emergency light (auto on at power failure) | Auto on when taken from charger | Operating time flashlight up to 2 hours

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