Alecto ATL-80 - Rechargeable LED flashlight / automatic LED nightlight, white


Rechargeable emergency LED flashlight with light sensor

  • Alecto ATL-80 Rechargeable LED Flashlight
  • Automatic LED night light
  • Automatic night light with light sensor
  • Rechargeable - always ready to use
  • Available in white

What is the ATL-80 emergency light?

A light in the dark often comes in handy. Think of a dark landing, a hallway or an unfamiliar environment such as a campsite or holiday home. This emergency light enables you to find your way anywhere, anytime, even if there is a power cut. As soon as the power is interrupted, the flashlight lights up automatically. The small night light turns on as soon as it gets dark, thanks to its light sensor. You’ll never have to be lost in the dark again.

How does this emergency light work?

Emergency lighting should be there to help you, so you wouldn’t want anything complicated with too many options and buttons. Rather, a smart light that simply does what’s needed. That’s exactly what we though of when we created this emergency light. The holder is the charger; you simply plug the holder into a socket and the light is charged via induction (conduction). This way, your emergency light is always ready for use. Its fully charged flashlight can be used for up to two hours. It contains four LED lights, emitting a bright and durable light beam.

What are the advantages of this emergency light?

This little light comes in handy every day. Place your emergency light in places where you often come after sunset and where you don’t like having too much light (e.g., in the hallway or bathroom). The advantages:

  • The night light is automatically lit by the light sensor, which detects when it’s getting dark.
  • The holder is also the charger, so your emergency light is always ready to use.
  • In the event of a power cut or interruption, the emergency light switches on automatically.
  • Even if you take the lamp out of the holder, the light turns on automatically.
  • The package is complete and includes an induction charger and rechargeable batteries.

Alecto is a strong brand and market leader. This emergency light is no exception. With more than forty years of experience, we develop high-quality electronics that meet your requirements at an attractive price.

What’s in the box?

  • Flashlight
  • Charging station
  • Manual in NL / EN / DE / FR / ES

Automatic nightlight with light sensor | Rechargeable - always ready for use | Emergency light (auto on at power failure) | Auto on when taken from charger | Operating time flashlight up to 2 hours

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