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Alecto Baby scale

Ideal for monitoring your baby's | Fast and reliable measurement | Accuracy within 5 grams

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Baby scale, fast weighing, 5-gram of precisionAlecto Baby BC-30 Baby ScaleIdeal for monitoring your baby's growthAccurate to 5 grams, fast reliable measurementAvailable in the colour whiteWhat is the BC-30 Baby Scale?It is incredible to see how fast babies and toddlers develop, in all aspects of life. Their facial expression can be very different from one week to the next as they proudly display all kinds of new skills as they develop and grow, due to feeding every two hours. In other phases of their life everything is more interesting than eating or drinking, which makes this baby scale such a useful appliance; whatever stage your little one is at, you can always be sure that his or her weight remains healthy.How does this baby scale work?Babies are not born to lay perfectly still, especially not during weighing times. As a parent you know how to distract your little, but it is useful to have a baby scale with a stabilisation system, especially if you are trying to weigh your baby while he or she is full of beans! With this baby scale you can rely on a very fast and accurate reading with a measurement deviating up to five grams.Is it chilly in the room where you are going to weigh your baby and so you want to wrap him or her in a warm cloth? Then first take a "zero measurement" so that the weight of the cloth is not included when weighing your little one.What makes this such a great baby scale?Apart from being reliable and fast, you want a baby scale that is safe. That is why we have provided a bowl with a comfortable raised edge on both sides to prevent any rolling or slipping. Five other important advantages of this scale are:You can monitor your baby's growth closelyThe baby scale weighs up to 20 kilograms and is accurate to 5 gramsIs your little one extra lively? Then the stabilisation system aids in weighingThe display is large and clearYou can take a baseline measurement for weighing with a cloth or a blanketAs a parent, you are probably already familiar with Alecto Baby because of our well-known baby monitors, but we have many more fantastic baby care products, like this weight scale. Our products regularly rank best in the (independent) test. With Alecto Baby you choose a well-thought-out high-quality product.What’s in the box?Baby scaleCarrier bagBatteries AAA 3xManual NL / EN / DE / FR



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