Alecto BC-21 - Humidifier and projector, white


Humidifier projector, starry sky projection

  • Alecto Baby BC-21 Humidifier and Projector
  • Ultrasonic / cooling vapor technology
  • Starry night projector
  • Available in the colour white

What is the BC-21 humidifier projector?

This humidifier projector provides good humidity in your child's room and projects a beautiful starry sky to help your child fall asleep and wake-up rested without dry eyes or irritated cough. The ultrasonic sound cannot be heard by the human ear, allowing the humidifier projector to operate silently when in use, and the cool vapour to fall gently on your little one's sensitive skin.

How do you use this humidifier projector?

Babies and small children sleep a lot and not just for rest. During their sleep they process countless new impressions and grow rapidly, so it is important for your little one to sleep and quietly dream away. This humidifier, with projector, helps with this. Project the starry sky onto the ceiling above the bed / crib and watch your little one slowly drift away in the soft colours and movement. Make sure the water reservoir of the humidifier is filled to ensure good air quality lasting up to eight hours. You can also add a nice scent which will spread subtly around the room. The water reservoir is suitable for rooms up to 20 m2, and when the reservoir is empty, the device switches off automatically.

What are the main features of this humidifier projector?

Alecto Baby has a complete and reliable range which allows you to surround your baby with care. Besides being safe and functional, we also want our products to look good. This humidifier projector is itself almost a baby figure with a rounded toe and belly. A nice addition to any nursery!

Here to list but a few fantastic features of the humidifier projector:

  • The sound is ultrasonic (inaudible to the human ear) and the cool vapour is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The starry night projector provides an attractive and colourful image, keeping your child amused until it falls asleep.
  • The aroma diffuser provides a nice and subtle scent.
  • The device is designed for rooms up to 20 m2.

As a parent, you are probably already familiar with Alecto Baby because of our well-known baby monitors, but we have many more fantastic baby care products, like this humidifier projector. Our products regularly rank best in the (independent) test. With Alecto Baby you choose a well-thought-out high-quality product.

  • What's in the box?
  • Humidifier / projector
  • Adapter
  • Quick start guide NL / EN / DE / FR / ES / IT

Ultrasonic / cool mist technology | Starry night projector | Aroma scent diffuser | Suitable for areas up to 20 m2 | Water tank 120 ml

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