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Alecto Bottle warmer

Suited for each bottle type | Variable temperature control | Bottle lifter

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Safe bottle warmer: quick, easy to operate and healthyWhen your baby is born, the world stops for a moment, a day you will never forget. But after that, life continues at full speed, with feedings, changing nappies, cuddles and bath times. It is non- stop, full steam ahead! It is a relief when you can rely on good products for your daily care ritual, such as this bottle warmer. An ideal and versatile warmer that can be used at home and also taken with you when you go out. This bottle warmer can accommodate bottles and jars of all different sizes. So, you can rely on this bottle warmer for warming milk (pacified or formula) and warming food in jars.Anytime, anywhere for any kind of meal.Bottle warmer with useful functionsYou choose the ideal bottle holder based on easy use and handy options. If your child is hungry, you want to prepare a warm bottle or jar quickly and safely. This bottle warmer is a good choice for all the below reasons;You can heat food or drink evenly to the desired temperatureThe device can be operated very easily, even with one hand whilst holding your child with the other arm so he can watch youThe bottle warmer is suitable for small and larger bottlesThe LED light turns on once the bottle is warmYou can continuously adjust the temperatureBPA freeHow do you use the bottle warmer?This bottle warmer is very easy to use and for good reason. If your child is hungry, you want to give your little one milk or food quickly at exactly the right temperature, there is no time to read complicated instructions. It is nice and simple; just put water into the bottle warmer and insert the bottle or jar, set the desired temperature and wait a few minutes. Then the LED light comes on to indicate that the food or drink has been heated evenly and there you have it! Time for your child to eat or drink until they are content.By choosing Alecto, you purchase a well thought-out and high-quality, user-friendly product.What's in the box?Bottle warmerBottle holderManual NL / EN / DE / FR / IT



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