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Alecto CO2 Meter with NDIR sensor - with humidity meter

Always know when to ventilate | Ideal for preventive monitoring of | Create a good living environment

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The Alecto AQ30 CO2 meter is a professional air quality meter that specifically measures the carbon dioxide concentration (CO2) in the air. The CO2 content is a good indication of the air quality in the house, and a measure of good ventilation in rooms where people are present. Good air quality is important for our health and well-being. This CO2 meter gives you insight into the air quality and you’ll know when you should act. It’s perfect for monitoring and creating healthy indoor air at home, school or work.In addition to the professional CO2’s NDIR sensor, the relative humidity (RH) and temperature are measured. This will help you to always be aware of the indoor climate and know when to ventilate the room.Key featuresBe made aware when to ventilate the roomPerfect for preventive monitoring of air quality at home, school, work or at the restaurantCreate a good living environment with healthy indoor airProfessional NDIR sensor with a ten-year lifespanLong-term accurate and stable NDIR measurementsISO Certification EN 61326-1:2013Colour indication for air quality (green, orange, red)High-quality NDIR sensorThe Alecto AQ30 air quality meter has a high-precision NDIR sensor of high quality. This way you are assured of accurate and stable NDIR measurements for a long time. The CO2 meter has the ISO Certification EN 61326-1:2013 and has been developed in accordance with the 2014/30/EU standard. Reliability and safety are paramount.The AQ30 CO2 meter meets all the requirements described in the Building Decree. Therefore, the CO2 meter functions on electrical mains voltage continuously, calibrates itself automatically and comes with 3 colour codes. It also means the monitor is not wireless. However, it has an integrated back-up battery to protect data when the AQ30 is moved.Traffic light colour indicator for air qualityThe Alecto AQ30 LCD screen instantly displays the current CO2 content. The useful traffic light colour indicator makes it easy to interpret the values, which are green (OK), orange (room for improvement) and red (too high). If the carbon dioxide content is too high, an alarm goes off. You can set the lower and upper limit, allowing you to decide at what values you want the LED indicator to turn green, orange or red.CO2 gevaarlijk?CO2 is niet brandbaar of giftig. Een grote hoeveelheid CO2 kan wel gevolgen hebben voor jouw gezondheid.Een hoge concentratie CO2 in de ruimte verdringt namelijk de zuurstofopname in ons lichaam. Dit kan voor klachten zorgen zoals vermoeidheid, concentratieverlies, hoofdpijn, droge huid of ogen.Is CO2 dangerous?CO2 is not flammable or toxic. However, a large amount of CO2 can have consequences for your health.A high concentration of CO2 in a room lessens your body’s oxygen intake, which can cause complaints such as fatigue, loss of concentration, headaches and dry skin or eyes.When there is a lot of CO2, something is wrong with the ventilation. That makes it plausible that other and possibly harmful substances are also present indoors and linger there, such as fungi and particulate matter. Allergies can worsen and the transmission of infectious diseases (colds, flu, coronavirus and the like) can be promoted. Stuffy air is often due to a too much CO2 content.What is a healthy living environment?Carbon dioxide (CO2) is measured in parts per million (ppm). A CO2 content of 400 to 800 ppm is ideal. The room is well ventilated. For comparison: In the open air, the average level is approximately 400 ppm. In an unventilated room where people stay, the CO2 content slowly rises due to constant exhalation. A concentration of 800 to 1,000 ppm is acceptable, but ventilation is desirable. 1,200 ppm is the upper limit. A CO2 value above 1,200 ppm is bad, requiring ventilation.Improving air qualityIt is difficult to know if you’re in a good living climate and when you are not. If you notice it yourself, it is often too late! The Alecto AQ30 CO2 meter provides you insight anytime, letting you know when to ventilate. Ventilation is becoming increasingly important, especially as our homes are better insulated. Even though new houses are often equipped with mechanical ventilation, these systems are sometimes turned off because of the noise they make.When you air out the house with the windows wide open, you will notice that the house’s CO2 content lowers to the value from outside. After closing the windows, however, the value quickly rises again. Especially in the bedroom, the CO2 content can rise to enormous heights at night if the windows/doors and ventilation grilles are kept closed.Technical featuresAlarm signal in case of poor ventilation (red light)Displayed amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in ppmDisplayed CO2 and time | Temperature and humidity | Date and timeAutomatic calibrationMeasuring range CO2: 0 - 5000 ppmIntegrated backup battery (for preserving data while moving)Suitable for placing or hanging (including stand)Dimensions (H x W) 30 x 90 x 90mm (1 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches)Works using adapter (included)What's in the box?CO2 meterAdapterCharging cableDesk standUser manual NL / EN / DE / FR



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