Alecto DBX-85 ECO - Full Eco DECT baby monitor, white/blue


DBX-85 ECO: Just a great baby monitor for the best price

If you are looking for a reliable and highly effective baby monitor! If you want a safe and secure way to hear you baby! If you want a device without any unnecessary additions! If you want a baby monitor that is easy to use and offers a great quality! All of this you will find in the Alecto Baby DBX-85GS.

What makes the Alecto Baby DBX-85 a good baby monitor?

The DBX-85 ECO is loved by many parents because it is no nonsense and easy to use. By connecting the Baby unit to the power-socket and charging the parent unit, ensuring the parent unit is charged or on the charging cradle, you are always connected.

The DBX-85 ECO offers everything you can expect from a good baby monitor:

Excellent price/quality

  • Adjustable sensitivity (VOX)
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Docking station for rechargeable parent unit
  • Talk-back function

More specifications of the DBX-85:

The DBX-85 belongs to the ECO-range. This means the radiation from this baby monitor is very low. There is no need to keep charging the Parent unit as there is a long battery life. The unit can be used for 24 hours, with just one single charge. If you move the monitor to the bedroom, you can always be the first to hear your baby when it makes a noise. If the battery is low, you will receive a warning. This way you are always reassured that the baby monitor is operating perfectly and you will have enough time to charge the parent unit. As this is a DECT baby monitor this enables a crystal clear and interference free signal with a range up to 300 metres.

You can have a connection all the time, or use the sound notification, this way the baby monitor only operates once your baby makes some noises. The unit is fully adjustable and you can change the sensitivity. With the talk-back function it is possible to soothe your baby with your own voice

With Alecto baby you are choosing well designed products of the highest quality.

Whats in the box?

  • Baby unit
  • Parent unit
  • Charging cradle for the parent unit
  • Belt clip
  • Adapter 2x
  • Rechargeable batteries (2x AAA)
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR

Long range (up to 50 m indoor | Up to 300 m | 100% Interference-free and secure connection | Long stand-by time (up to 120 hours) due to Full | 2-Way communication | Sound level lights

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