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Alecto Digital duo bottle warmer

Heats up two bottles/jars at the | Heats | Sterilises and defrosts | Easy to use through display

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An asset for new parentsThe Alecto BW700TWIN fast and digital double bottle warmer is a real asset in the home. With a power of 512 Watts, the device can quickly heat up, sterilise and defrost two bottles at the same time! Give your child a good start in terms of nutrition with the BW700TWIN, because thanks to its temperature regulation, the power supply never heats for too long or at too high a temperature. This way, as many vitamins and nutrients as possible are retained.Heating upIs it time for a bottle or jar? You’ll heat up milk or a warm bite to eat within minutes, until it reaches the desired temperature. It’s evenly heated, so everything is at the same temperature (without cold or hot outliers). During heating, you can see on the Alecto BW700TWIN’s display how long it will take. Has the temperature you set been reached? Then the bottle warmer switches off automatically. What else can this fast and digital double bottle warmer do?SterilisingA bottle warmer that can sterilise saves a lot of work. You would much rather look after your little one than boiling bottles! The sterilisation function of this bottle warmer saves you a lot of time. Especially when you consider that babies easily drink four to six bottles a day.DefrostingDo you keep bottled milk in the freezer? Or do you freeze hot food for your little one? This bottle warmer’s defrosting function quickly brings your frozen food to room or fridge temperature. It can be used to store milk and food until it’s dinner time or for heating up immediately. The Alecto BW700TWIN fast and digital double bottle warmer takes some of your worries away!Alecto Baby offers you a well-thought-out product of high quality.SpecificationsPre-programmed heating times: fast heating, slow defrosting, normal defrosting and sterilisationAdjustable for food at room or fridge temperatureClear display with remaining time; straightforward operation using the displaySwitches off automatically after the desired temperature is reachedIncludes keep warm function (three hours)BPA freePower supply: 230V / 50 HzWhat's in the box?Bottle warmerSteam hoodManual NL / EN / DE / FR / IT



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