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Alecto Dummy camera set

This kit includes: | - 2 dummy outdoor cameras | - 2 dummy indoor cameras (dome)

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The Alecto DC-KIT is a set of dummy cameras for in and around the house, shop, or business premises. The set includes:2 dummy outdoor cameras2 dummy dome indoor camerasThis set provides you with improved prevention against burglary or theft in an affordable way, both inside and outside.Preventive against burglaryBurglars are often active during bank holidays, school holidays or when something special happens nationwide. Think of an important football match, national elections, Christmas, or Easter Monday. That’s when thieves work overtime. How do you prevent them from entering your home? There are several precautions you can take. For example, having your lights turn on automatically at sunset makes it look like you're at home. Install an alarm system that alerts emergency services if a burglar tries to enter your property. Or choose an easy and affordable solution: a camera. Dummy cameras are very advantageous deterrents against burglars because the mere idea that they are being filmed, works preventively. Whether or not the camera is real, they'd rather not take the risk. That’s exactly what we want!Aspects of a good (dummy) cameraWhether you're installing a real camera or opting for a dummy, there are several aspects to look out for. These are:You want a camera that looks realistic. Sometimes a dummy camera looks even 'more real' than the real thing. This is also the case with these dummy cameras, which are indistinguishable from the real thing.You want an affordable solution against burglars. A dummy is the most economical alternative to working alarm systems and cameras.You want to deter thieves. A highly visible camera (whether it’s a dummy) has a preventive effect.You want burglars to take your deterrents seriously. Thanks to this dummy’s red, flashing LED light, it looks like the camera is turned on.What's in the box?2 dummy indoor cameras2 dummy outdoor cameras2 window warning stickersMounting materialManual in NL/EN/DE/FR



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