Alecto DVM-75C - Additional camera for DVM-73 / DVM-75 / DVM-76 / DVM-77, white/anthracite


Easy to use Babyphone Camera (extra camera)

  • Extra Camera for Alecto Baby DVM-75 Baby phone with Camera
  • Extra camera for DVM-75
  • 100% interference free
  • Colour is white/black

The DVM-75 Baby phone with Camera is supplied with one camera (baby unit) and the 2,4” colour screen (parent unit). The DVM-75 will notify you about the activities of you little one(s). While your little one is napping, you will be perfectly aware when you are in the kitchen or garden. As a parent, you will feel completely reassured since you can see everything in real-time. The Baby phone has a 2,4” colour screen for crystal clear real-time image and sound. But what if you have more than one child? Or your child sleeps and plays in separate rooms? Wouldn’t an extra camera be the perfect solution? With the Parent unit of the DVM-75 you can monitor up to several cameras with 1 screen.

The DVM-75C is an extra camera that you can add to the standard package of the DVM-75. You have the option to connect up to four cameras to a single screen. The image can rotate every second, allowing you to view events from multiple angles. In a setup with several cameras, you can use the scanning view to see footage from all connected cameras. During this scanning mode, the Vox function can be activated. If none of the cameras detect sound, the parent unit will switch off. You also have the option to manually turn off the display. If the display is off and a camera detects sound, the parent unit will immediately display the image from the camera where the sound was detected. This is the DVM-75C; an extra camera as an extension to your standard package of the DVM-75. You can connect a total of up to four cameras to the screen.

Baby phone with camera, stunning design and high quality

Our designers understand the importance of a stylish design so you can place your parent unit in the living room. However, also the baby unit(s) shouldn’t look any less. So, we designed this baby phone with Camera as an inconspicuous and stylish device in a small case. A desirable product, with excellent quality and features

Most important functions:

  • The connection between baby unit and parent unit is 100% interference free.
  • You can use the Eco-mode to save energy and battery time.
  • Crystal clear image, also in the dark.
  • Long range which is up to 50 metres indoors and up to 300 metres outdoors.
  • The Baby unit is equipped with a temperature gauge, so you can make sure the baby’s room is never too hot or cold.

Always a clear image of your baby with the DVM-75 baby phone with camera.

Don’t feel like reinstalling your baby phone every time your baby has a sleep over? You can use an extra camera to prevent this. Also, very convenient if your child plays and sleeps in separate rooms. In general parents buy the extra camera once a sibling is on the way. Isn’t it easier to monitor both your children on one screen?

We have made it easy and convenient to set the camera by hand in your baby room, giving you peace of mind.

With this baby phone with camera from Alecto you are purchasing a high-quality device, at an attractive price

What’s in the box?

  • Baby unit
  • Adapter
  • Manual NL / EN / DE / FR / ES / IT

Additional camera: ideal for multiple children | Long range (up to 50 m indoor | Up to 300 m | Secure connection | Clear image in the dark | Excellent image and sound quality

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