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Alecto Fire blanket 100 x 100 cm

For smaller fires up to the size of | Not suitable for oil | Grease and | For one time use only

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Extinguishing Blanket: to put out a starting fire We use fire all the time. The flame in your central heater, gas burners, matches, candles, even a small and harmless flame can quickly spread. To be prepared to act, you should have an extinguishing blanket at an easy-to-reach and accessible place. This SB-11 extinguishing blanket can be your lifeline and prevent a disaster. You can use the SB-11 for almost every fire. For oil fire, fat fire or a fire in your fryer you should use a special fat extinguisher; just be sure not too fight Oil-/fat fires with water, as this will escalate the situation. If the fire is larger than a soccer ball, get to safety and leave the extinguishing to professionals.What should a good Extinguishing Blanket comply with?If you are buying an Extinguishing Blanket it is important that the following specifications are covered.This SB-11 complies with the following specifications:An extinguishing blanket for starting fires no larger than a soccer ballMade from two-sided coated glass-fibre clothWith the 100x100 centimetre format, the extinguishing blanket is large enough for starting firesThis is how you use an extinguishing blanketIt is essential that you make sure your extinguishing blanket is easy to reach and in clear sight. If you need to use the extinguishing blanket, use as following:Calmly and carefully approach the fire and think about your own safetyKeep the fire blanket at eye-level between you and the fire to protect yourself.Make yourself small behind the blanket when you approach the firePut the extinguishing blanket over the fire so that the fire will be deprived of oxygenSwitch of eventual heat sourcesA fire is always a big scare, but with the right fire prevention equipment you can act swiftly.With Alecto you will choose well-designed and easy-to-use products of a premium quality.What’s in the boxSB-11 Extinguishing blanket



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