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Alecto Fire extinguisher powder 2 kilogram

Extinguishes fires caused by | High quality: complies with EN3 | Rijkstype | BENOR | Kitemark and MPA

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A fire extinguisher: hopefully you will never use itExtinguish fires caused by solid materials, liquids and gasesHigh quality: complies to EN3 normBenor, Kitemark certifiedExtinguishing quality 13A 89B CSome products you buy, hoping you will never have to use them. Our BP-2 Fire extinguisher is one of these products. This powder extinguisher with a 2 kg content is something every boat, caravan or workshop owner should have on hand. The extinguisher is a compact size, which also makes it perfect to keep in the car. There are more and more countries that have an obligation to keep a fire extinguisher on board. Countries like Belgium, Greece, Turkey and Poland have this obligation.What if there is a fire?If there is a fire, the BP-2 fire extinguisher will put it out quickly and effectively. Powder extinguishers are known to be very effective in putting out fires. This goes for fires on Solid materials, Liquids or Gas. You use a powder extinguisher if you need to put out the fire fast to prevent a larger fire, even if this leads to some collateral damage. The BP-2 is the perfect emergency device.We all hope not to use a fire extinguisher every day, this has been taken in account of our designs. The BP-2 Fire extinguisher is easy to use and fast to deploy, this is essential, since in a fire emergency every second counts to prevent damage and save lives. In this case, there is no time to read the manual, so we have made it easy to use.We have summarized the most important specifications for you:Easy to useDirectly deployableIdeal for car, boat, caravan or workshopExtinguish fires from solid materials, liquids and gases.You use a powder extinguisher if you need to put out the fire fast to prevent a larger fire, even if this leads to some collateral damage.Fire extinguishers and other safety products from AlectoDetect, Warn and Act. Alecto has a broad assortment of products to help keep you safe from fire and other hazardous situations. We understand that your house and family are very dear to you and offer safety solutions to help you keep and feel safe.Technical specificationsType: BP-2Extinguishing material: PowderContent: 2 kgColour: RedPressure: 15 barMaterial: SteelComplies to EN3Tips & tricksThe powder extinguisher, extinguishes fires caused by solid materials, liquids and gases.De BP-2 complies to the most important certifications (Rijktypekeur, Benor and Kitemark certified).Make sure you have an extinguisher in your house, car, caravan, garage and boatEasy to use, so you can act fast in case of a fire.Including mounting kit to mount the extinguisher at an easy-to-reach place.Size and WeightHeight: 41,0 cmDiameter: 12,5 cmWeight: 3,722 kgWith Alecto you will choose well-designed and easy to use products of a premium quality.What is in the Box?Powder extinguisherMounting materialManual NL / FR / DE on extinguisher



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