Alecto FIREMAN SAM - LED night light Fireman Sam


Fireman Sam night light to fall asleep

Children have a huge fantasy and their world is populated with princesses, dragons, monsters, heroes and ghosts. During the day it is great to be able to play endlessly, but in the evening such a fantasy monster can become a bit scary. Of course, your child believes you when you tell them that monsters do not exist and that they are certainly not welcome in your house. However, a night light can provide that bit of extra assurance needed for your child to ensure a good night’s sleep. This night light is in the image of the well-known children’s character Fireman Sam. He is a friendly familiar face in any children’s room.

Fireman Sam night lamp is very durable

Every day young children put all their energy into everything they do. Playing, running, climbing and cycling: it all happens at full speed and when it comes to bedtime they are ready for a good night's sleep. Within half an hour, your little one is completely out of this world and in dreamland. It would therefore be a shame if the night light stays glowing for longer than required.

We thought about this when developing this lamp, as we did with other important features:

  • The Fireman Sam light turns off automatically after 30 minutes. If that is too soon, your child will no doubt let you know via the baby monitor that the character "just went to sleep" and ask you to switch it on again for another 30 minutes
  • Atmospheric yellow night lighting
  • Operation is very simple, thanks to the touch-sensitive on / off button
  • The design is special and spreads a comforting light in the dark, without being too bright
  • The night lamp has a LED light source, which makes it both energy efficient and durable. Your child will enjoy it for years to come, until ghosts and monsters are no longer scary.

Battery operated

The Fireman Sam night lamp works on 3x AA LR6 batteries which are available everywhere. With Alecto Baby you choose a well thought-out and user-friendly product of high quality.

What's in the box

  • Fireman Sam night lamp
  • Universal Quick Start Guide

The soothing light let kids catch sleep peacefully | Night light automatically stops after 30 minutes | Easy to use | Battery powered (3x AA excluded)

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