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Alecto Forehead thermometer infrared

Precise measurement of fever on the | Acoustic and visual fever alarm | Temperature reading within 3

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Infrared thermometer, exact forehead measurementAlecto BC38 Forehead Thermometer, InfraredAccurate forehead fever measurementIn case of fever, a sound will sound and the screen will show red.Automatic storage of the last 25 measured valuesAvailable in the color whiteWhat is the BC38 infrared thermometer?This fine infrared thermometer measures the temperature on the forehead. That means: without the hassle of thermometers in the ear or buttocks, The measurement is quick and easy and you can set the display to degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature rises above 37 °C (or 98.6 °F), the infrared thermometer will let you know in different ways: you hear a sound, the green display turns red and you see the temperature reading in the display. So, even those who do not know exactly which temperature indicates a fever can use this thermometer effortlessly.How does this infrared thermometer work?The fever measurement on the forehead is very accurate, with a number after the decimal point. The measurement result comes within three seconds. The device automatically saves the last 25 measured values. This is useful if you want to measure how the fever develops over a longer period of time. The display is of course backlit, so you can also take a fever measurement in the dark without any problems.What else can this infrared thermometer do?The infrared thermometer has a sleek design, with only one button and a clear display. Beneath this clean surface are a number of smart functionalities. Not only the fever meter with indication in degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit and a color (red or green), but also a thermometer to measure the temperature of liquids and surfaces. Do you want to know whether the bath water is not too warm? Is the tea not too hot? It's possible with this handy infrared thermometer!What are the biggest advantages of this infrared thermometer?The accurate forehead fever measurement, which measures the exact temperature.The automatic storage of the last 25 measured values, to monitor whether the temperature rises or falls.The fast measurement result within 3 seconds.The different ways in which the device indicates whether the temperature is too high: acoustically, with a light and with the degrees.With Alecto you choose a well thought-out product of high quality.What's in the box?Forehead thermometerBatteries AAA 2xUniversal Quick Start Guide



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